Any old appliances laying in your home taking up your space? Is it broken down or having no purpose but just collecting dust?

Hauling out such electronic wastes like machines and appliances are a baffling task. Not only is it hard to shift them but also its disposal process it quiet a stressful job especially when a person does it all by their selves.

Our truck is ready to provide you our assistance in order to make your job hassle-free. All you have to do is give us a call. JUNKWIPERS is a professional team capable of handling these machines however heavy or bulky it may be. Not only will we help you with it, but also we dispose it for you in an eco-friendly manner. Our service includes eco-friendly disposal as well as a recycling facility. You can rely on us completely for a responsible disposal as we have facilities to donate your appliances for charitable purposes if in case your machines are still functioning or else it will be disposed off in the right manner. We remove all kinds of electronic appliances including water heaters, dryers, dishwashers, lawn mowers, refrigerators, air conditioners, ironing machines, stoves/microwaves, freezers/fridge, washing machines, television, etc.

When we think about disposal of these machines, the environmental impact should be dealt with care. Even though, all these concerns are applicable in the case of every equipments, laundry appliances and dryers are the ones that consume far too much energy. When these things reach the end of its life cycle, most of the house owners encounter many issues like.

  • antiquated energy efficiency
  • excessive water consumption
  • expensive maintenance repair
  • time consuming drying mechanism
  • Rattling noise and so on.

Moving and lifting such kind of top-loader machines and equipment is heck of a job. Thus a well-trained and efficient team is required to handle such machines for its safety disposal.

Likewise, Jacuzzi or spa is another household junk whose disposal becomes a project than a task. First of all, they are too big to be left off on your curb. For this reason, it is too difficult to get rid of that the residential waste management service will not be ready to take them away. Moreover, unlike a television or a refrigerator, finding a buyer or a done for a hot tub is way too hard that there is probably no much demand for a used tub. Thus, a reasonable choice before you is handing them over to a junk removal service so that it is dealt responsibly. Our recycling facility involves dismantling the units for an energy-efficient and safe repurposing. You can rely on us about its recycling process that it will never end up in any of the landfills or junk yards.

Including these large trash items, we deal with both heavy and light weighted electronic items. E-wastes like gadgets, video games, ear phones, speakers, music players and other kinds of electronic disposals will be hauled out by our team responsibly. This means we will handle the toxic materials responsibly without polluting the environment. We trust in delivering our customers value added assistance in a green manner.

Similarly, commercial junk and business foreclosures also results in a lot of bulk hi-tech equipment. Nowadays, most of the ventures are rich in their know-how. This means that most of the business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs will be wondering about a responsible waste management.  Office equipments like computer, monitors, printers, copy machines, fax machines, televisions, shredders, etc should be discarded to the right place irrespective of the fact that it is whether functioning or not. When it is the case that they are not in a proper working condition, it will be preferred for recycling by breaking them down and separating the reusable parts and disposing off the least in an environ manner.


Why Choose Us ?

Foreclosures of business ventures, properties and home require a lot of preparation. When cleaning and maintaining of these properties become mandatory, minor landscaping and yard cleanout also becomes an inclusive task. Most of the professionals and land owners usually receive the foreclosed property in a minimum appropriate manner. This is because the prior residents never give much care to deliver their property in a decent condition. Usually, foreclosed properties will have a lot of maintenance and repairs, abandoned furniture and fixtures, discarded appliances and other debris related with the former owner. All these have to be emptied without damaging the property- may it be the interior or exterior of the property. Thus, a professional junk handling team- say JUNKWIPERS will be the most apt option before you. Why to think so much? We are at the tip of your click. Just book an appointment with us. Our pricing strategy is a transparent no obligation pricing. You will not be surprised with any kind of hidden charges. Need it be a business junk clean out or a foreclosure, a trash disposal or an assignment on residential junk haul out. Just leave it to us and relax.

Are you worried if it is the cases of an estate clean out? May it be a divorce settlement or an over-whelming debt, there are endless reasons that can lead you to property sale. When you are the rush of an upcoming property sale event, a clean out along with it is a tough task to perform. It will be rather convenient for you to hire a professional junk service team to handle the estate clean out while you concentrate exclusively on the property sale


Sometimes when it comes to vacation properties, rental homes or any kind of leased properties, most of the tenants may leave some of their furniture and fixtures or any kind of their belongings while they move out. In such cases, apartment owners or property managers can rely on us to haul out the junk from the apartment. Do you have an eviction clean out service requirement in you bucket list? As a debris removal service company, we manage to deal with eviction cleanouts too. You just have to simply quote your estimate with us and if both the parties are in agreement to it, you can just leave the rest of the task on to us. Eager to know how is our pricing techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The volume of space occupied in or truck is taken into consideration when you estimate the quote online. This will include the magnitude and size of the load and the capacity it occupies in our truck.

Try sending us an image or video of the waste to be disposed. You will be provided with an estimate by mail. If you have several locations to haul out, you can send us multiple pictures or videos. So that we will have an exact idea about what all tasks are waiting for our assistance.

Here, one of our team members will visit your place and give you a transparent no obligation quotes onsite. This is indeed an opportunity for you to have a direct conversation with us.

We are here to attend your calls through the week. Ring us any time 24/7. One of our trained technicians will be there at your service including Sundays. Not a single call will be unattended.

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