Need a careful and quick hand dealing with your debris?

Call us and give a word. Our benign crew will arrive at your place. Just give us an idea about what requires hauling. It is wiped out in no time once the upfront price is quoted. Neither lifting nor carrying is needed on your part. Leave all the efforts into our hands and just relax. You would experience a friendly and trustworthy out-of-door service.

No matter if it is an estate cleanout, seasonal removal or stormy recovery, you can leave the burden to us. Our attentive uniformed crew members shall attend your junk removal concerns at a forthright estimate.

Irrespective of wherever you reside within the borderlines of NorthYork, you need not have to be concerned about the types of the junk or its volume. Our services are available at your convenience, need it be at your home or office. We are just around the corner. Give us an idea and quote a fair price. At your word we can make a junk removal deal. On our timely arrival, all we need is a person to show us what should be discarded.

Not everyone in NorthYork has the same kind of wastes. Whatever kind it is, (except the case of hazardous wastes) we are at your assistance. We are professional, insured and licensed junk hauling experts dealing with seasonal removals, yard waste, pet waste, etc. An end-to-end service is offered ensuring your least involvement. Whether it be a green waste removal or tidying out a property of your loved one who has moved on, whichever delicate situation your family is into, we will handle entire estate cleanout without causing you any distress.

Wondering about what all we take? Not a single space goes neglected at your home. Let’s take a quick look through the things we take:

Estate cleanout, Seasonal and Yard Waste Removal:

Planning for barbecues or other types of outdoor get-togethers?

Yards are absolute locations for entertainment and reception when the weather is pleasant than people romping around in the house. Messy backyards and gardens are not only an eyesore, but can also lead to postponement of such great outdoor parties. Maintenance like trimming plants and trees, pruning shrubs, etc are a headache for most of the household with any amount of property. Mowing the lawn and raking the fallen leaves and lawn trimmings are often disposed off into the organic waste recycling bins provided by the municipal waste management company. Even though it’s a sense of relief, it is only half the job. All these unused debris have to be removed yet. On the other hand, what if you are contemplating with larger properties or landscaping projects. This is where a professional yard debris disposal becomes a requirement.


Why Choose Us ?

Once you take the decision, you might be eager to know about the items we pick. They include:

  • Clod
  • Old timber
  • Branches
  • Fencing
  • Firewood
  • Corrugated iron
  • Lawn wastes
  • Stumps
  • Soil
  • Lumber
  • Landscaping debris
  • Shed
  • Plasterboard
  • Frame
  • Shingles
  • Windows
  • Deck and Patio
  • Background furniture

In addition, we are dedicated to recycling all kinds of residential and electronic wastes by ensuring eco-friendly practices. Household junks including landscaping tools, furniture, appliances, dishwashers, mattress removals, dryers, trash compactors and other kinds of e-waste are also handled responsibly. Commercial junk removals, hotel renovation or up gradation of new equipment can end up with enormous junk.

We handle all kinds of junk from construction debris to garage cleanout in a fast and professional manner. We handle demolitions, party junks, holiday decorations and gently used nursery furniture. Besides these, we take basement and attic items and home and office items. Junkwipers emphasis on complete customer satisfaction in an eco-friendly manner.

Our professional, insured and efficient crew members are here at your assistance. In a plan for foreclosure, usually most of the professionals and banks will be pondering about the left over junks and belongings. As it is excessive in quantity, abandoned furniture and discarded appliances have to be dealt with due care. Although, it is a challenging task, the disposal is taken care of without damaging the interior of the property.

Exhausted hosting a big event? You might have had a hard time throwing a party. After having gone through all the entertainment, a relaxation is what you need the most. Hence, leave the aftermath to us. We shall clear the area. Even if it is an indoor or outdoor event, a professional and systematic tear down service will be done.

So then, are you tired piling up the junk and brainstorming how to get rid of it? A cost-effective solution is at your doorstep. However the next thing that bothers you might be the pricing. We focus more on rendering a value added service at a reasonable rate. Our focal point is on contributing to our environ as well as community, thus we recycle most of the items taken or donate them. All you need to do is give us a call and schedule an appointment. We believe in direct and transparent pricing. Hence, we offer you a free price estimator.

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Go ahead and take your appointment. Experience our service yourself.

This method works on the basis of the amount of space occupied in our truck. This space will depend on the size of the furniture or heavy materials that get allocated within the the size and weight of these items may vary, it will affect the price allotted to you. Suffice it to say, our online estimator can give you only a rough estimate.

You will get an appropriate calculation if you could text us a photo or send us a video at 1647-724-7090. We shall give you an estimate once you send us the images. You can also send us several images if your items or property are in multiple locations.

The incomparable and precise method to assess the amount of our effort and its charges is a no obligation free onsite price calculation. We will have an exact estimation once we are at site which can avoid a lot of confusions and give you a direct and fair price.

We work all through the week. Thus if you are confused with the quantity, size and weight of your goods which has to be discarded off, you can give a call to1416-996-7075 one of our trained technicians. We are open 24 hours a week including Sundays.

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