Are you thinking about an upgradation?  Let it be a quick expansion for your bathroom, remodeling of a whole new space or installation of new cabinets, fixtures or flooring, renovation is something we are happy about. However, we cannot avoid the thought of the mess it is going to create. Renovation debris is an unavoidable part of a restoration or improvement project. This is where you require a professional hand.

Sometimes you may be into demolition or construction where in you end up with a lot of left over debris. Getting rid of these junk is a costly and time sensitive process. Hauling off dry wall, plasterboard, tiling, concrete, etc are a difficult task to a far extent. Our service may be a once or several times requirement for you. However hard it is, you can rely on our professional insured team. Things dealt by us in our construction removal debris include:


Why Choose Us ?

As remodeling is a hefty task, you may be in need for a regular clean up service during the course of your project or just a one-time junk removal. We provide you with a safe, efficient and eco-friendly assistance for your construction waste disposal once your project is put to an end.

 So what are you waiting for? You can count on us as our aid include not only debris removal at your construction site but also tidy up service which includes cleaning up the leftover such as nails and screws along with broom or vacuum whatever may be the requirement onsite.

Another hectic job is organizing and de-cluttering your home. Imagine doing it all by yourself? Even though it seems to be simple, it is stressful task as well. When your private space gets overwhelmed with clutter, handling different areas in your house is a burdensome task. Spaces like garage, crawl space, hallway and entryway, bedroom, home office, is quite hard to de-clutter especially at the time of a house shift or an expansion. All these junks may include exercise equipments, gaming gadgets, kitchen appliances or other electronic waste, large children’s toys and furniture pieces, etc. The moment we misplace them for the purpose of either reorganizing or disposal, it is indeed an eyesore. Hence, hiring a professional junk removal team becomes a necessity. Our team members can cater your junk removal needs as you might be having a lot to discard, recycle and donate.

Although, when you think about recycling and donation, giving an advertisement, finding out an expert or renting a truck will be far too expensive option. This is where you will need our assistance, JUNKWIPERS- a great alternative before you to do it at a reasonable upfront price. We recycle most of the items except hazardous items.

Toxic wastes which we do not take or deal with include:

  • Pesticides
  • Explosives
  • Paints
  • Automobile fluids
  • All sort of flammables
  • Poisonous materials
  • Cleaning agents

As we focus more on being green, our company does not deal with any kind of environment pollutants. Similarly, there are things which cannot be recycled like batteries, certain plastics and glasses, light bulbs, aerosol cans which are not emptied, garden hoses, etc. Considering these facts, we are keen at recycling furniture, mattresses, appliances, hot tubs, children’s furniture, etc and electronic wastes like computers, shredders, printers, copy machines, monitors, dish washers, refrigerators, stoves, ovens dryers, cooling and heating machines, etc. among these items things that are functional and reusable goes to charitable institutions or recycling facility or even to stores intended to sale secondhand goods. Moreover, the electronic wastes are ensured to be disposed off in an environ manner.

Likewise, commercial cleanouts and foreclosures are another situation where in most of the business owners, manufacturers, retailers and professionals end up in a chaos with their unwanted credenza and office junk. The best part is most of the entrepreneurs and professionals always focus on doing things minimum cost and least time. Rather than doing it all by yourself or paying someone to do it for you, it will be always a better option for you to rely on us as above alternatives would cost you an arm and a leg. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and it is wiped out at an all-inclusive price.

Apart from these, do you have any properties or real estates that need to be tidied up? Are you a land owner who is getting ready for a property transaction or are you a household dealing with situation that includes either a divorce or death in the family? In such circumstances you may lack time to de-clutter the property. When you are in such stressful times, give a call and make an appointment with us. You can consider us as a professional junk removal team who attends your waste disposal needs in a friendly manner. We will arrive at your property on time and at a fair, transparent estimate, the mess will be taken care of while you deal with your own important concerns. We in tend to contribute to our maximum for the wellbeing of the environment and society by way of recycling-based operation to keep our landfills free from clutter. So then, have you decided to try our value added service? Then book your latest schedule with us with a click.

Are you still pondering about our pricing strategies? We do not have any hidden charges. You just have to pay for the volume of space your items occupy in our truck. Your assignment is our business. Thus, when you decide to handover your waste disposal task, we will be keen in providing you a value added service at a reasonable estimate.

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Any doubts left about our quotes?

The volume of space occupied in or truck is taken into consideration when you estimate the quote online. This will include the magnitude and size of the load and the capacity it occupies in our truck.

Try sending us an image or video of the waste to be disposed. You will be provided with an estimate by mail. If you have several locations to haul out, you can send us multiple pictures or videos. So that we will have an exact idea about what all tasks are waiting for our assistance.

This would be a more precise and preferable method of fixing your quote. In this method one of our team members will visit your place and give you a transparent no obligation quote onsite. This is indeed an opportunity for you to have a direct conversation with us.

We are here to attend your calls through the week. Give us a buz any time 24/7. One of our trained technicians will be there at your service including Sundays. Not a single call will be unattended.

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